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Authors: Bree Bellucci

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The Beast's Virgin Offering (The Dark Forest of Forced Seduction)

The Dark Forest of Forced Seduction




Bree Bellucci







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The Beast's Virgin Offering: The Dark Forest
of Forced Seduction

Copyright © 2012 by Bree Bellucci



This book is a work of fiction and any
resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or
locales is purely coincidental. The characters are productions of
the author’s imagination and used fictitiously.



Adult Reading Material

The material in this document contains
explicit sexual content that is intended for mature audiences only
and is inappropriate for readers under 18 years of age.



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The Dark Forest of Forced Seduction



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The last several days in the city seemed to
drag out as Cassey waited for her last final exam to be graded by
her history professor. She secretly wondered if he was as burned
out with teaching the dry economic disaster following World War II
as she was reading about it. It was finished now, she could move on
and that was exactly what she had made plans to do. She had booked
a flight for the next morning. After takeoff it would only be ten
hours before she would land in Germany.

She had dreamt of making this trip for so
long that it hardly seemed real now, she still couldn't believe
that she had a physical ticket in her backpack with her name on it
and a passport to match. When she entered college her parents had
given her a promise that when she completed her undergraduate
degree they would finance a two week sabbatical for her to Europe.
Nothing on a grand scale but everything she needed to enjoy three
months abroad with minimal suffering. Now it was here;, the time
for her adventure had finally arrived.

Originally, Cassey planned to ask a friend to
join her on the journey but as life would have it she found herself
so overwhelmed in studies and papers that she hadn’t taken much
time for making friends. Her focus had been on making the grades,
taking on a full course load and more when allowed, and getting out
of school as quickly as humanly possible with grades that would
guarantee her admittance into a decent grad school. In the end she
finally had to decide that she would need to embark on this trip
alone. She didn’t really mind the idea of leaving the country on
her own. She kind of liked her independence and felt very
comfortable with herself. Having been an only child she learned
early in her twenty-two years of existence how to entertain herself
and to be content with reading books and self-improvement.

Cassey was always a day dreamer, even as a
little girl she often wished she would someday be the captured
princess of some wicked king or queen in a foreign land and had
some equally dashing, handsome prince come and to rescue her and
carry her away… after, of course, slaying about ten dragons, and
fifty vulgar, nasty, giant knights determined to have their way
with her before returning her to the dark dreary dungeon in which
she had languished as ashe had been held captive in. She grinned
slightly thinking that in about a week she would visit real castles
with real dungeons.

She could barely contain herself and wished
that she had made the reservation for today instead of tomorrow.
She began to walk to her dorm. Final packing was necessary, moving
the last of her things to storage, a final drink with Reed tonight
and everything would be finished here. She would say goodbye
forever to this University because grad school was at least a year
away in the future and it would not be completed here.

She snapped out of her little daydream at the
thought of Reed. She had met him at a café one night just off
campus. It was one of those artsy types of establishments where
everyone goes and feels maybe a little more cultured or intelligent
than they really are. They had an open mic night on this particular
evening and Cassey wanted to go and hear some of the tales being
spun. The theme for the evening was Medieval Times. It had always
been a fascination of hers, the knights and spells, the mysteries
that were full of fairies and evil lurking monsters.

When she arrived, the small café was almost
completely filled. She glanced around to see if she could find
anyone at all that she might recognize from a class or the dorm but
no one caught her attention. Next scan was to see if there were any
half filled tables with friendly looking students that might invite
her to sit with them if she approached and asked. She wanted to
make sure that anyone she sat with would not want to chit chat all
through the performances. That would completely aggravate and
frustrate her.

As she glanced around she noticed one guy
sitting at a table alone with two empty chairs. He looked harmless
enough. He was kind of tall, dark hair, well dressed in kakis and a
polo shirt, nice loafers with no socks, which was indicative of the
style of those times. She made a decision to take a chance because
she knew those chairs could disappear as quickly as they had
appeared and it was the only real possibility she had scoped out
during her quick scan.

As she approached him he must have noticed
her from the corner of his eye because he looked at her, smiled and
waved a hand for her to come over and sit. She felt relieved; she
had not even had to speak to him at this point. She smiled back as
he stood and pulled the chair back for her, helping to push it back
in again once she was seated. and she She whispered a polite thank
you. He just nodded with a smile and they both turned their
attention to the stage.

Reed walked her back to the dorm that night
and they stood awkwardly at the entrance to the building and made
some very light small talk until she finally said she had better go
in. He quickly found a bit of courage and asked her if he could see
her again. God he was so cute that night. They made arrangements to
attend another session at the café over the weekend that was ahead
of them.

Cassey was relieved for him to go that night,
but kind of excited to that she would see him again. She wasn’t
sure what they might have in common other than and interest in
medieval literature but she knew he was a soft spoken, polite
gentleman. These things grabbed her attention enough to make her
want to spend some more time with him.

Now, three years later, she had said painful
goodbyes to him and promised to email sometimes, then felt the
sting of guilt as she saw a tear slide down his cheek. She was glad
she had made the decision not to invite him to go to Germany with
her. It had been a difficult decision to make. While they had not
become attached in a way that either thought of it as an engagement
of any sort, they had become inseparable friends.

They had never consummated the relationship,.
Though though this thought had crossed her mind and she felt sure
he would have been an attentive lover., However, she really could
not seem to let go and give herself to him in that way. She had not
ever met anyone that with whom she felt inclined to give in to her
sexual desires and fantasies with in that way. She and Reed
promised to see each other when she returned, in order to determine
if the sparks were still there, and to decide how they wanted to
proceed with the relationship.

Though she would surely miss him, she was
very pleased she had not succumbed to his constant hints at coming
along with her. She was equally as pleased that she had not given
up her virginity to this man at this time in her life. Having that
sort of bondIt would have certainly given her great pause about
leaving and going so far away with so much still to discover on her


The alarm jolted Cassey awake the next
morning and she quickly showered, dressed, pulled all of her bags
to the front of the dorm, double checking checked her tickets,
passport and identification cards and waited for the airport limo
to pick her up. The driver pulled up exactly as scheduled, and
loaded all of her things into the trunk, opened the door for her
and they were off to the international terminal of the airport.
Once she completed all of her check-in requirements and had
successfully passed through the security checks she found an empty
seat at the gate. Sitting in the gate areaTo occupy her mind, she
watched all the people there and wondered what their stories

Unless they spoke she couldn’t tell the
Americans from most of the other international travelers. She
caught herself wondering who she would be seated next to for the
next ten hours and secretly hoped it would be someone from a
different country, someone that she could converse with about their
homeland and culture as opposed to someone who only wanted to
discuss the political situation in the United States or what she
planned to do when she finished her studies. She had this eagerness
to hear about something strange and different from her somewhat
drab life. With that thought still looming in her mind she heard
the boarding call.

The letter on her boarding pass matched the
first group called and uUpon entering the aircraft and locating
being directed by the cabin attendant to her seat she was overjoyed
to find that her parents had gone all out and booked her first
class. She could not believe this, it was so unlike them to indulge
her with something so extravagant.

The thought never occurred to her and so she
hadn't even checked the website for seating to see where she was
going to be spending the long hours of flight. She definitely owed
them a phone call as soon as the plane touched down on German soil.
She owed them so much more and she knew it, but she also knew that
they realized that she was grateful for all the sacrifices they had
made on her behalf. She never missed an opportunity to let them

Cassey thought of herself as sweet and
considerate of everyone. She wasn’t completely selfless but she
chose her selfish moments carefully. Going on this trip was a very
selfish one. It would probably have been better to go on with grad
school and get it out of the way and then embark on such an
adventure but she decided that she deserved some time for herself.
For the past four years she read and dreamed of all the special
places to visit in Germany and finally chose a small village just
outsideon the edge of the Black Forest, die Schwartz Wald.

As she settled into her seat Cassey pulled
some reading material from her backpack and relaxed back to enjoy
the flight. She had been studying for a paper on about a Nazi plan
in Germany in 1944 called Werwolf (Werewolf in English) which was a
name given to the plan to develop a commando force which would
operate behind enemy lines as the Allies advanced through Germany,
when she accidently pulled up the wrong link and was introduced to
a legend that referred to Werewolves of the Black Forest.

She was immediately intrigued and had been
reading everything she could about this legend ever since that
time. After much thought she decided that she really wanted to
visit this area of Germany because it was saturated with legend
after legend of strange, mysterious, and paranormal activity. Not
to mention all of the rich history and beauty purported to
accompany this ancient place.

She opened her book and began to sift through
pages trying to locate the last page she had been reading when a
voice interrupted her thoughts.

“HelloHallo!” He he said with a distinct
German accent.

“This is my seat,.” Hhe continued.

“Great!” She she almost whispered to him.

When she looked into this man’s face Cassey
was almost speechless because he was so incredibly handsome. He had
dark hair and dark brown eyes. His eyes were so brown they almost
looked black and they were so warm and engaging that when he looked
at her she felt like she had been hypnotized. She noticed his
facial features were much well defined:, higher cheekbones,
strongly set jaw line, no blemishes of any kind, and beautiful,
kissable lips. She couldn’t believe she just thought that. What was
worse, just like he’d read her thoughts, he grinned at her at that
exact moment.

He began to remove his overcoat to put in the
closet at the front of the cabin and she noticed right away that he
was dressed like he had just walked out of some important, classy
men’s magazine. Then, she remembered she was in First Class. She
should expect such things from these well-off passengers. She let
her mind wander for a moment while he put his coat away and
wondered what this man did. Could he be a Count or a Duke or some
other German royalty? Maybe he was a banker, or the equivalent of
an attorney, or perhaps a German movie star.

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