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Authors: William Poundstone

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Fortune's Formula (45 page)

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Ed Thorp has been especially gracious and helpful, contributing time, advice, photocopies, and speedy replies to e-mails. Ed read an early version of the manuscript and helped to improve its accuracy. The Claude Shannon collection at the Library of Congress was an invaluable resource, the more so since Shannon never chose to publish anything on investing. I am particularly indebted to Philip I. Hershberg for asking Shannon many of the questions I would have wanted to ask him. Ben Logan and Manfred Schroeder shared their memories of John Kelly, Jr., and Mr. Logan was responsible for locating the photograph of Kelly.

Thanks also go to Robin Badders, Norma Barzman, Gary Browning, Erin Campbell, Thomas M. Cover, Ed Eckert, Robert Fano, Dave Finnigan, G. David Forney, Jr., Robert Gallager, Adam Grossberg, Nils Hakansson, Larry Hussar, Henry Landau, Bibb Latané, Arthur Lewbel, the staff of the Library of Congress Manuscript Division, Harry M. Markowitz, James Massey, Allan May, Judy McCoy, Robert C. Merton, Marvin Minsky, Ellen Neal, Joe Olive, W. Wesley Peterson, Linda Pringle, Rick Ross, Paul A. Samuelson, Betty Shannon, Neil J. A. Sloane, Kim Spurr, Jarrod Wilcox, Neelima Yeddanapudi, and William T. Ziemba.

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