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New Adventures of the Mad Scientists' Club by Bertrand R. Brinley, Charles Geer
A Little Too Not Over You by Pacaccio, Lauren
Second Chances by Gayle, A.B., Speed, Andrea, Blackwood, Jessie, Moreish, Katisha, Levesque, J.J.
Miranda's War by Foster, Howard;
Forsaken by Keary Taylor
The Bracken Anthology by Matthew Bracken
Visitants by Randolph Stow
Wonders in the Sky by Jacques Vallee
The Waking Dark by Robin Wasserman
Ghost of the Chattering Bones by Gertrude Chandler Warner
Pomegranates full and fine by Unknown Author
Fires of Winter by Roberta Gellis
Perfect Harmony by Lodge, Sarah P.
Pathway to Tomorrow by Claydon, Sheila
Bloodfire (Empire of Fangs) by Domonkos, Andrew